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About Our Motion Technology
Welcome to the ground breaking new nFlight Motion™ tool for growing your fitting business. Setup is fast, it’s easy to use, and the results are immediate. After just three swings the nFlight® app generates loft and shaft recommendations for each model. It’s one more innovation from PING to ensure a proper fit and inspire better golf.
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About Our Mobile Technology
As the custom fitting pioneer and leader, PING® embraces the responsibility of elevating the fitting experience beyond golfer's expectations. With the introduction of nFlight® Mobile, PING is enabling nFlight fittings to be more mobile and accessible than ever before. The software guides the fitter and golfer through the process and captures the critical information gathered during a fitting, from the interview right through to placing an order with PING’s Customer Service department. Using an Apple iPad as an extremely mobile platform, fittings can be conducted almost anywhere. With the addition of a compatible launch monitor system, nFlight Mobile uses live shot data to compare clubs and get the best results for the golfer. The nFlight software that started a fitting revolution is now an App for the Apple iPad – nFlight Mobile.